The Everyday InventorⓇ (“TEDI”) platform helps inventors and startups turn a great idea into a successful business.

TEDI also helps investors mitigate risk, mitigate lawsuits and create a faster to market rate.
The TEDI Score™ gives companies, investors and financial institutions the confidence that an invention or new product will be a hit and as important, is supported by a strong company with the ability to further innovate.

The Everyday Inventor gives you access to the best experts in:

  • Engineering
  • Endorsements
  • Licensing
  • Patents
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Financing
  • Insurance
TEDI’s Solutions Team is unmatched with average years of experience of 25 years per person. This includes experts in the field of ecommerce, turnaround, accountants, evaluators, legal and tax. Just like with a higher bond rating, if you have a high TEDI Score™, you will have access to a larger investor base. In certain cases, collateral protection insurance can also be used as a potential funding source.

Why Choose Us?

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WHY: Widespread miscalculations on the part of investors and investment entities are resulting in an epidemic of misvalued intellectual property in the marketplace or lost opportunities to unlock debt capital as a source of funding. Missing is a uniform, proven process by which steady measurements can be made early on, during the most critical evaluation stages of an invention. Without this process, the market is locked to continued unsteadiness and unpredictability.

WHAT: The TEDI Score™, the end product of the TEDI Platform™ developed by veteran lawyer / inventor, Keith Cyzen, is this missing process. The platform works to isolate and stress test key variables in a product’s deployment viability. This unbiased, clinical assessment results in a standardized metric that investors and inventors can rely on to gain insight on the true value and potential of any given invention. The TEDI Score™ can be used to gain immediate, actionable data / value including:

  • Consistent / accurate valuation
  • Recorded Due Diligence
  • Portfolio security (SOP)
  • SWOT identification (dev QA)
  • Increased investment pool (CPI)
  • Fast-track deployment (product dev)

WHO: The solution is applicable to all fields of invention and to all entities responsible for investment portfolio security. Those employing the TEDI Platform™ also gain immediate access to strategic engineering, manufacturing, marketing, endorsement, sales, and licensing experts, making the TEDI Platform™ the most powerful pre-deployment evaluation tool in your arsenal to combat the most common errors of due diligence: those that fuel the majority of lawsuits that investors, venture capitalists, and financial institutions often face after-the-fact.

WHEN / WHERE: Similar to Bond Rating, or Bank Credit Approval and Insurer Risk analysis mechanisms, the TEDI Score™ should be sought as early on in the evaluation process as possible so as to mitigate risk in products that deliver a low TEDI Score™ and to maximize support for products that score high during the evaluation process. When an investor or inventor should seek a TEDI Score™ is where they would seek insight on an over or under valued IP investment opportunity and invention.

HOW: Due diligence is arming oneself with the best intelligence available. No additional investment should remain exposed to financial or legal risk factors that still remain unrevealed. Take action, get the insights your team needs, and gain control of your highest-rated portfolio assets. Enroll one or more of your inventions or IP investment queries by engaging with us at

MORE INFO ON Keith Cyzen, J.D.: As an attorney, inventor and entrepreneur, Keith Cyzen (owner of 11 patents and patents pending) assists other inventors and entrepreneurs in defining and protecting intellectual property, patent management, funding, engineering, manufacturing, licensing, sales team best practices and endorsements. Keith is founder and CEO of The Everyday Inventor® and Of Counsel at Duggan Bertsch, LLC in Chicago: an innovative, transactional law firm with a core focus on business and corporate representation for the entrepreneur and private client, including family offices.

Prior to joining at Duggan Bertsch, LLC, Keith practiced law for more than 20 years as a partner in the corporate and securities department at Chapman and Cutler, LLP in Chicago. Keith studied Psychology at and graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor of Science degree. He earned his Juris Doctor from DePaul University College of Law. Keith’s background in psychology is one of the primary reasons for his success in the practice of law. As an inventor who takes products to market, he gets into the head of an inventor and best prepares them for the difficult and tedious process ahead of them. See for a real-life example created out of necessity as his 5 children kept stealing his charger.

What People Are Saying...

"Aon considers The EveryDay Inventor Score (TEDI Score™) a macro-level rating for IP-intensive organizations to assess the commercialization potential of such IP value creation. For emerging growth entities, the combination of the TEDI Score™ to vet opportunities coupled with Aon's Intellectual Property Solutions (such as IP insurance, raising capital with collateral protection insurance, Trade Secret Registry, and IP expert witnesses), maximizes enterprise value while simultaneously lowering the total cost of risk."

Kevin Kalinich
Aon Intangible Assets Global Collaboration

" ... start with literally the fundamental opportunity, the potential demand. And it's -any way you look at it, it's incredibly compelling ... $20 trillion plus ... how you think about value in intellectual property ... and so you ask yourself, how big could that market be ... this is $100 billion plus market over time. ... One of the things about IP that's so cool is ... Intellectual property is about creating upside. You can actually help clients create net new value."

­Greg Case

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